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A Mommy’s Glow: One that can’t be bought!

Being a young mom is nothing short of being easy but I promise you, it is so worth it.

When we found out that I was pregnant, my boyfriend and I were ecstatic. We were truly overwhelmed with joy as our, you plus me - had just made three. Whilst celebrating, in the back of my mind was the constant thought of what my mother and grandmother would say, and it haunted me. How could one be so excited, yet so nervous? But trust me, my Grammy is NOT the one to play with. She's old school! I knew they had to know, but after five long months of terrible acting, trying to hide my morning sickness, my new founded appetite and my basketball shaped stomach, my boyfriend and I decided to finally spill the beans.

How could one be so excited, yet so nervous?

We thought that since my mom is easy going unlike my Grammy, we should tell her first. My mom was super happy for us. She over confidently shrugged her shoulders smiled and said “psh I knew all along”. When we told my Grammy there was complete silence as my boyfriend and I awaited her response. The few moments she took to gather her thoughts felt like hours, she was happy, but of course she had her concerns about me

finishing college to become a Pharmacist and was a little upset that I left her out of the juicy scoop for so long.

To all of my mom's out there who got pregnant before finishing school or being married, please do not think your life is over or that you can't pursue your goals and dreams anymore. It just means that we as moms have to work much harder, not only for ourselves, but for our little ones.

…we as moms have to work much harder, not only for ourselves, but for our little ones

Let me tell you, when you feel those first flutters in your stomach, you will know what true love really is. Although I missed out on the baby shower and gender reveals with family and friends, after 10 long months I finally was able to meet my beautiful 6lb 15oz baby girl, Rylie, on March 7th 2019. That day completely changed my life. I couldn’t believe that I had just delivered a baby and was truly a mom. Filled with so

many emotions I just couldn’t believe my partying days would have to come to a halt. However, the late nights weren't truly over, they had just begun. Although my baby was small, she loved her food from the beginning – truly her mother’s child. Her appetite and energy caused my eyes to sag daily!! Word to the wise, when your baby sleeps please get your rest at the same time, I promise you will most definitely need it.

Before I could blink twice my baby girl was already 6 months, with teeth, and crawling all around the house. When Rylie started walking at 10 months I was so happy for her but let me tell you, don’t wish for them to walk too fast because they will be touching everything!

I couldn’t believe that I had just delivered a baby and was truly a mom

My big girl is now 19months and thinks she's the boss of everyone! Her nickname is “Boss Baby” She is the definition of sassy, but has a bubbly personality that will lighten up anybody's day. She loves singing and dancing to her coco melon songs and keeps me on my feet daily. Rylie has truly changed my life for the best! She loves me, flaws and all. If I'm having a bad day, she's always right there to give me wet kisses and hugs.


Moms never get in between a little girl and her father. My daughter loves her dad so much! I thought I would be able to do mommy and daughter dates or dress alike, but oh no, all she wants to do is go everywhere her father goes. Her favorite words are literally “MY Daddy”. When her dad is around, I turn into invisible mom. They are inseparable and I love it. They're relationship is truly the cutest and I thank God every day for placing them both in my life.

For all my nervous expecting mothers out there you’re allowed to scream, you’re allowed to cry but what you are not allowed to do is give up!


Stay tuned to what happens next in “Boss Baby World”, we have so much to share with you!

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