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Fork Meets World: A Traveling Cravings Experience

Hey Guys & Gals, it's Tyrone and Keerstyn here!

We are so honored to be apart of this amazing brand! We will be handling 'Cravings'. Both of us are passionate about all things food and we can hardly wait to provide you with mouth watering recipes, cooking tutorials, restaurant reviews and much more!

With that being said, we'd like to introduce you all to our first series:


This series will deal with foods and drinks from countries all around the world. We’ve decided to start our World Tour off with MEXICO, because, come on… who doesn’t enjoy Mexican food!

The history of Mexican food is very long and diverse but, it is believed that this type of food derived from the Mayan Indians. Traditionally, they were a nomadic group of people that loved to fish and hunt, a little like myself and Tyrone as we love our fishing!

The Mexican meal almost always consists of corn tortillas, hot spices, avocados, tomatoes and seasoned meat or seafood.

That is why our Menu for our first stop on the World Tour will be:

  1. Loco Shrimp Quesadillas

  2. Mexican Street Corn

  3. Easy-Peasy Margarita

Stay Tuned!


Be sure to...

Tag us @thecollectivevii and hashtag #CviiCravings #ForkMeetsWorld for your Cravings to be featured on our site and feed!

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