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Uncertainty: I am bound to thank you for it.

For many around the world, including myself, uncertainty is a daily visitor in our lives. During most of these visits of uncertainty we are bound with overwhelming feelings of doubt and fear. In the midst of the current global events of 2020, whether it be politics, racial injustice, or a pathogenic pandemic, I think most people would agree that they are crippled more than ever by emotions stemming from the amplification of uncertainty. Fortunately for me, and yes, I said fortunately, I started to experience many visits from uncertainty at a very young age.

The truth is, without uncertainty, good or bad, there would be no reason to even mull through our day to day live

There will always be circumstances in which uncertainty will always manifest as a “negative” experience, but have you ever questioned the positive aspects that uncertainty brings to our lives? Without uncertainty, would we have personal goals that drive us to success? If we could accurately and definitely predict the next outcomes in our lives, would we actually enjoy life more? The truth is, without uncertainty, good or bad, there would be no reason to even mull through our day to day lives. For me, the uncertainty of the unknown is one of the most rewarding aspects of life. Not knowing what comes next can only mean that there are endless opportunities and routes for me to reach my goals, and for this I have become thankful for uncertainty.

…I have learned to be very comfortable living with uncertainty, including appreciating it’s negative aspects

Through many years of self-reflection and expanding my knowledge about the positive aspects of uncertainty, I have learned to be very comfortable living with uncertainty, including appreciating it’s negative aspects. I believe accepting uncertainty in our lives is a very important tool to help us remedy the amplifications of uncertainty that we are now experiencing in 2020. I hope by reading this you can be inspired to turn uncertainty from a foe to a friend, and in return strengthen your mental health to improve the quality of your many years of life yet to come.

Below I have listed many resources that have significantly changed my perspective on uncertainty and in return I hope they can challenge you to change your relationship with uncertainty as well.


For the Writer in You

Writing Letters to Your Negative Self

Write a nurturing letter to the negative voices in your head to combat those feelings of fear or self-doubt. This may be a triggering experience for some, but I challenge you to sit with those triggering emotions and experience a healthy dose of self-empathy.

Write a Pros + Cons List

Distribute negative and positive aspects of uncertainty into a pros and cons list. Writing these aspects in a concrete list can prepare us for the negative aspects and reflecting on the positive aspects can help us move through the negative aspects a little quicker.

For the Reader in You

Zen the Art of Happiness

Chris Prentiss

This book as helped me recognize that things, good or bad, always happen for a reason. It is an easy/short read and great for days when you may be feeling hopeless.

In the Meantime

Iyanla Vanzant

This book has helped me become comfortable living in the meantime’s of my life when I wasn’t sure what the next step would be or when it would come. This is a great book for young professional who may feel like they are just waiting for the next stage of their lives and not enjoying the current stage of life they are living in.

Explore these 4 inspirational uncertainty advocates for more appreciation:

The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably deal with” – Tony Robbins

When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.” – Eckhart Tolle

Without a measureless and perpetual uncertainty, the drama of human life would be destroyed.”- Winston Churchill

Living an exuberant life is only possible when you are able to dance upon the uncertainties of life.” - Sadhguru

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