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How to Stay Fashionable on a Budget Without Breaking the Bank

It’s always hard trying to keep up with trends. Especially when you feel every time you open your closet, it’s (crickets) the silence of “I have nothing to wear.” However, keeping up with the latest equates to more money, you don’t necessarily have to spend. The pressure that comes with this lifestyle can be daunting sometimes. Everyone identifies with fashion differently, but it’s never been about the cost. Fashion is about finessing. If you don’t disclose the price, they’ll never know! Besides, we never tell our secrets, right? No matter what your budget is, it’s possible to turn heads no matter where you go. Here is how you do it with these classic tips.

Replace Your Wardrobe with Staples

These can be broken down into essential pieces that should be in your wardrobe at all times. Staples are great ways of building your wardrobe faster. Jeans, blazers, white button-down shirts are pieces that can go with any season. Staying away from patterns and sticking to neutral colors can eliminate “trendy” pieces that only last for a couple of months before exiting the fashion scene. However, if you want to include patterns plaid, animal print, and stripes, will never go out of style. Fashion continues to repeat itself, and you’ll save a lot more money by investing in great pieces.

Let it go if you can’t see yourself wearing it anymore.

Go Thrifting + Challenge Yourself!

If you aren’t a thrifter, I suggest you start. There are so many great high-end pieces for low prices. You can find luxury brands like Chanel, Mui Mui, Jimmy Choo, etc. the list is endless. Although you find terrific deals, it takes a lot of patience. Unlike a regular store, with thrifting, you have to look thoroughly. But it makes the experience so much more worth it. You may also find that Chanel bag you were looking for. You know, that one that cost $4,000 for $200. Talk about a bargain!

You’ll find pieces that are your style, but make sure you can wear it multiple times before making that final decision.


Are you throwing away your old stuff? Bring them back to life! Create new pieces and concepts. Go to a craft store, and purchase things that will be of use. The beauty of fashion is there are no rules. Next time you decide to DIY something, take a picture and post it. Be the trend, and don't fall in line with it.

Google is your best friend for inspiration.

Ensure you have fun with your fashion journey and don’t take it too seriously. Let’s see how you take these tips and revamp your wardrobe!


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