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Amazon Finds I Loved During Quarantine

Hi. My name is Shaunté and I have a shopping problem.

Literally as I’m writing this, I am scrolling through Queen B’s new Adidas x Ivy Park Drip 2 release, thinking to myself, “Té, do you really need these?”... To which the unwanted, yet smart answer is, no. However, unlike this moment of clarity that I am now having, I can’t say that the same thought was given to the many (oh so many) Amazon purchases that I’ve made during this seemingly never needing COVID Lockdown.

But really guys, am I the only one who wouldn’t have made it through this Global Pandemic with out my Amazon Prime Membership?...I think not!

Did I really need all of these things?...Mam yes mam!

And in all honestly, is it really a shopping problem if the majority of the purchases were solutions to what you needed?...Again, I think not!

So with that being said, here’s my “comprised” list of items that helped me during these past few months and that I know you know you’ll need in your life too!



Cravings Cookbook

I love Chrissy, so when she came out with a cookbook I knew I had to have it! Cravings is the perfect comfort food cookbook, not diet friendly I REPEAT, NOT DIET FRIENDLY! But oh how good the Mac'n'Cheese is! If you want to test your skills in the kitchen this one is a perfect guide!



Echo Dot

I use both of my Echo's every single day! I've got an Echo Dot for my Kitchen and an Echo Plus for my Bedroom, and probably wouldn't know how to cope without them! They are essentially the "Siri" of my space! Whether I'm playing music, cooking and need measurements converted, or need a question answered, Alexa always has my back!



Smart Plugs

Now that you've added the Echo to your cart, make your entire space "smarter" with this easy fix! Just plug these into your outlets and BAM! Any device is now smart and you can ask your girl Alexa to control it without lifting a finger!



Handheld Mixer

My mom + I started drinking a lot of matcha during quarantine in an attempt to gain more energy for our "workouts". This mixer/milk frother was perfect for mixing the matcha base for our iced matcha lattes! I even started using it to mix other drinks like my protein powders + pre-workouts!



Electric Candle Lighter

If you're someone like me who loves candles but hates lighting them, then I promise you'll love this electric lighter! With this lighter, I am never scared to burn myself and I never have to worry about buying another BIC or Cricket again! All I have to do is charge her up and she's ready to go!



Smart Scale

I am definitely someone who has a problem with being consistent with my workouts. But with this smart scale that connects to my phone via Bluetooth, I am reminded daily to respectfully GET OFF MY ASS AND TO THE GYM! Clearly we have a love/hate relationship but trust me, this scale is great! Track your Progress Daily and monitor your BMI, body fat %, visceral fat + more to know what you're doing right or wrong!



Waist Band

It may seem that everybody and they momma has this sweat band but that's because it works! I never knew my body could sweat so much since using this thing! that water weight is def going to burn off! (We just have to stay consistent!)



Minty Tingling Body Wash

This is my most favorite body wash in the world! If you love anything minty, tingly or refreshing - this is the body wash for you! I discovered this gem in a T.J Maxx while on holiday, feel in love with it, hunted for it on Amazon when I ran out, and have never looked back since! This item will definitely remain a reoccurring purchase!



Apple Watch Bands

Get the look for less! Who wants to spend $50 on the Apple Sport Bands when you can hop on Amazon and get a set 4 for a 1/4 of the price! They have many color variations and combinations, but you can't go wrong with the basic neutrals!



Phone Case

I am the clumsiest and most careless person when it comes to my phone, (actually, KK might be). But with this case I am not as worried when I drop it or get it wet. Unfortunately, it's not exactly waterproof but it does a great job protecting my phone while still looking cute!



Velvet Non-Slip Hangers

Raise your hand of you've moved around your bedroom furniture or reorganized your closets too many times to count during quarantine!

I'm someone who gets bored easily and do this quite often anyways! But let me tell you, my closet has never looked better than it does with these hangers! They way they make my clothes look so expensive, neat and clean in my closet make getting dressed fun and feel like a shopping experience.

If your OCD like me about color coordinating, these are for you too!

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